Can't afford a home? Rent a walk-in closet


WPTV reports on Sergio Santos, a Florida man who lives in a 75-square foot closet. "It's all about savings. It's about recycling. It's about optimizing my time," he said.

He was having trouble making the payment on a larger pad, so he downsized far more than most people would ever dream of. He spent $64 furnishing the place, and pays $150 a month in rent. He did all the work with recycled materials, and even managed to add an "upstairs loft bedroom."

Yes, he actually called his sleeping quarters in his 75-square foot closet an upstairs loft bedroom -- he could well have a future as a New York City real estate agent!

In any case, the clip is quite inspiring -- especially if you're dissatisfied with your current digs.

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