Woman loses $1 million inside mattress


If you haven't heard this tale yet, you will. I imagine media outlets everywhere are going to jump on this.

According to a story on CNN.com, In Tel Aviv, Israel, a woman gave her elderly mother a new mattress. It was a gift, and the daughter tossed out the old bed.

Well, the mother had her life savings stuffed inside the mattress -- almost $1 million.

So as you read this, there's a huge search going on at the city dump with security guards keeping out the public, fearing, of course, that otherwise there's going to be something resembling the California gold rush of 1849.

Critics will point out that the woman should have put her money somewhere safer, like in a bank, where her money could have been collecting interest.

And many people who hide their money in their bedroom may be rethinking their savings strategy. Or maybe not. After all, the old chestnut is that you hide your money under the mattress, not inside it.

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