Los Angeles awash in medical marijuana outlets

The rampant exploitation of a huge loophole in the city of Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensary moratorium has created a glut in that niche. The moratorium, which was imposed by that city in 2007, intended to limit the number of medical marijuana outlets to 186.

However, the non-existent enforcement of the moratorium, in the expectation of a permanent medical marijuana ordinance, has allowed more than 700 new "pot shops" to bud and blossom while providing employment and tax revenue for an otherwise wilting city.

The Pensito Review reported: "The (Los Angeles) City Council, which approved the moratorium in order to give it time to write a comprehensive ordinance, has been working on a draft for over a year."

City officials appear to be embarrassed by the fact that they let enforcement of the moratorium slide. Now, they are fostering the appearance of being aggressive on the issue because a few neighborhood activists are voicing concerns about possible negative impacts of the marijuana outlets. One could also speculate that pressure is beginning to come down from pharmaceutical and law enforcement lobbies. Who knows from whence the smoke drifts down the corridors of City Hall.

The Los Angeles Times reports that currently there are more than 500 applications pending which seek exemption from the city's medical marijuana dispensary moratorium. Councilman Ed Reyes indicates that he will finally begin working through those applications. In the meantime, the city council is attempting to fast track an end to the exemption application process. By all indications, an actual city ordinance addressing the issue still appears to be nothing more than a pipe dream.
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