Hillary's amazing pile of debt reminds us to be careful who we deal with


Having trouble paying off your debt? So is Hillary Clinton. As of April 2009, the Secretary of State has accumulated more than $2 million in campaign debt. All of it is owed to one creditor: Mark Penn, the former senior Clinton strategist who, his critics say, ran a miserly campaign and lost her the presidential nomination.

With a recession in full swing, Clinton is facing increasing difficulties in paying off her debt. President Obama promised to help persuade his contacts to contribute to Clinton's debt if she endorsed him in the general election. She jumped at the chance, responding with an adoring speech urging everyone to support Obama. Joe Biden then joined in, signing an appeal to more than 3 million Obama donors to help Clinton pay off her campaign debt. President Obama may have thought he had repaid Clinton's support by making her Secretary of State, but her position limits her ability to raise money due to the Hatch Act.