Celebs read Walletpop, jump on bluefin tuna bandwagon


Just last month, our own Sarah Gilbert wrote about endangered bluefin tuna, continuing to sell briskly at trendy sushi bars in London and New York. The best the owners of Nobu London could do was write a recommendation that patrons not order the bluefin sushi (but you could if you wanted to, since it was still on the menu.). She lamented that until the A-listers who dined at these establishments got the message of how close to extinction the tuna really is, sushi bars would continue to serve it.

The stars seems to have taken notice. Just yesterday a group of 31 stars signed a petition vowing not to patronize Nobu London until the eatery stops serving bluefin tuna.

Among the luminaries who lunch: Elle Macpherson, Sienna Miller, Alicia Silverstone, Charlize Theron, Sting and wife Trudie Styler, Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson and Stephen Fry.

"As customers and fans of Nobu we strongly feel that bluefin tuna must be completely removed from your menu due to its perilous position as an extremely endangered animal," their statement reads. "Nobu is a restaurant we all love, a world leader in sushi with a fantastic reputation and enormous influence. If Nobu took a definitive stand on this issue it could make a critical difference."

Well now that the big names have taken a definitive stand, things will definitely change. Consider this the first volley to wipe bluefin tuna off the menus of sushi restaurants everywhere. Los Angeles Nobu is sure to capitulate next, although bluefin sushi is still on its menu (online, anyway). Look for the story in People Magazine soon, followed closely by the bluefin tuna ribbon (blue? Fishy-shaped?) to wear on your lapel.

Because celebrities love a cause celebre more than they love, well, upscale sushi.