Bravo Jersey girl Teresa Giudice cashes in

If nothing else, here's what I've learned from the Real Housewives of Orange County, New York, Atlanta and, most recently, New Jersey.

If the young actress' classic self-indulgent move is to hustle herself into the recording studio (see: Hayden Panettiere, Scarlett Johansson, Leighton Meester), the newly minted reality star's kneejerk reaction to fame is to launch a line. A line of what, you ask? Well, it could be anything.

No, seriously. Anything. Orange County's Lynne Curtain is currently hardly hard at work on a line of bedazzled arm cuffs (they'll start at $275 -- really, Lynne?).

Ramona Singer of the show's Manhattan incarnation has a jewelry collection called "True Faith" and a skincare line called "Tru Renewal" (she can't seem to make up her mind about that "e" on the end of "true").

And now, with her first season just underway, Teresa Giudice, fake-bake queen of the New Jersey franchise, is launching a clothing line.
The collection is called TG Fabulicious and is more or less a random smattering of products: leopard-printed hair bows for little girls, black and pink baseball caps and American Apparel T-shirts emblazoned with what the People story calls Teresa's 'signature phrases,' which apparently include such unforgettable soundbytes as 'Love, love, love.'

I'll give Teresa this -- besides the silver charm bracelets, which are named after each of her three daughters and will run you $95 to $140 -- the items are reasonably priced.

And hey, this is New Jersey. I would rather be locked in a bunker and forced to listen to Scarlett Johansson cover Tom Waits for hours than wear this stuff, but -- with apologies to my family there -- some New Jersian is bound to love the baby tee that reads 'happy wife, happy life' (puzzlingly, it comes in youth sizes in addition to women's). And it's just $30.

In fact, since Lynne's cuffs are so overpriced and Ramona's marketing is such a disaster (besides the "e" debate, there's the fact that the labels on her potions look like they were drummed up in Printshop Deluxe), Teresa may turn out to be the savviest self-marketer of all.

I'll bet you a box of saltwater taffy that I spot at least a dozen of her creations on the Jersey Shore boardwalk this summer.
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