Would you skinny dip for a free meal?


I'm familiar with the term "sing for your supper," but the Black Frog Restaurant in Maine offered a deal on a meal that opened my eyes.

According to InventorSpot.com, the restaurant offered a free meal to any patron who took a naked dive off the adjacent dock. The meal? A free Skinny Dip sandwich (Prime rib on a baguette).

Fortunately or unfortunately, as your tastes dictate, the Black Frog is no longer able to offer the deal after the city, reacting to complaints, deemed the activity inappropriate (what a surprise).

I guess the line falls somewhere between the Black Frog and Hooters. I don't see any indication that the Black Frog did any quality control, and I can't get the image of the jacuzzi scene with Kathy Bates in "About Schmidt" out of my mind. In my case, I might have been able to score a free meal by promising to keep my clothes on.

Would you strip for a meal? How good would the meal have to be? Are you aware that every person in America now owns a camera phone?