Lou's Clues: Ham and cheese, please!


Last week, I gave you a recipe for what I consider to be the most flavorful ham dinner on the planet -- maybe even the universe. This week, I've decided to extend both your food dollar and that warm, tasty ham flavor throughout the week in the form of a unique cold cut.

First things first, let's fire up that inexpensive slicer I had you buy a few weeks ago. Take a hunk of the leftover ham (assuming you didn't eat it all -- as good as that recipe is, this might be a problem), and make some thin, cold-cut-style ham slices. Place a layer of ham slices flat on a sheet of saran wrap, and layer it with your favorite sliced cheese. I usually make the slices two long, about 8 inches or so, overlapping slightly. Go ahead and do this to create at least 6 ham-and-cheese layers, then roll these delectable layers up tightly. Wrap the plastic wrap over the log, and twist the ends to seal.

Put the roll into the microwave for 30 seconds on high, then let it chill out in the fridge over night. The warmed cheese will allow log will keep its shape once chilled, resulting in a super-tasty ham and cheese spiral loaf. Cut a few nice, big, round slices of goodness, slap it on your favorite bread, top with a good, stone-ground mustard, and voila! You have yourself a quick and tasty ham-and-cheese sammie.