Lift your glass: Tips on getting your wedding or summer event wine for much less


June is the month for weddings. And if you're planning a wedding, or even just a summer party, you'll want to serve great wine. Of course, you won't want to break the bank providing it, either. You're in luck. Walletpop has a few tips on how you can let the vino flow free at your next event...for less!

Believe it or not, a good quality wine can be purchased for $8-$10. The trick is to try lesser known winemakers and wines from up and coming regions: Chile, South Africa, or Spain. There are many undiscovered treasures; the fun part is finding some you love at your local wine shop. Next time you stop in, ask for recommendations from these regions and expand your wine horizons while keeping your wallet flush.

If you are having a catered event somewhere other than your home, ask the restaurant or hotel if you can bring in your own wine. Most venues mark up wine by at least 100% to turn a profit; you're much better off buying for yourself. The tough economy is on your side in negotiating this into your event contract, as most places would rather have your business for the main fare than haggle over the wine.