Meet, the latest online shopping comparison site


Breaking news in the world of comparison shopping. is a new, just-launched comparison shopping and saving Web site that, according to its spokesperson, "makes it easy for people to get the best prices on the services, products and brands they want most."

I'll leave it to the public to the decide if it's really a terrific service, or just so-so, but glancing through the site, it seems worth checking out. But I'm just saying it's worth perusal. I'm not saying it's the best thing out there.

For instance, I've been meaning to try and get some of our digital photos printed out into a photo album, and so I went to Offerwire's online photo management section and was kind of underwhelmed with the selections.

They only have Snapfish, SmugMug and RitzPix listed, which isn't a lot of services to compare and contrast. I hadn't heard of those last two, so it's good to be exposed to that, especially since, judging from the Web sites, they look impressive, but what about Kodak Gallery or Shutterfly?

And then since my online security system is running out in a few months, and I'll have to either renew it or change to something else, I checked out their PC Tools and Security sections. They only had two listed -- Real Networks-Essentials-PC Protection Tools and Webroot Spy Sweeper, the latter of which I'm familiar with and liked when I used them for my last computer.

But, you know, they're new, having just launched Wednesday, so I'm willing to cut them some slack. So if you're searching for high-speed Internet, movies-on-demand, phone services, home improvement -- just about anything that you want to comparison shop on -- I'd say that it's worth bookmarking Offerwire, giving it a test ride and seeing what they have.