United First Financial and how it won't save you money on your mortgage

United First Financial claims that it can help you pay off your mortgage in less time with the amount of money -- saving you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest. The secret? It's all in a $3,500 spreadsheet program that you can buy through the company's distributors.

WalletPOP's resident forensic accountant Tracy Coenen has written about the software on her blog, arguing that it's completely useless.

An apparently very naive news team got bamboozled into running a puff piece on the company -- complete with an interview with a strip club/casino valet who swears by the software. Oh, well in that case. . . You can watch the whole video but to give you an idea of how incredibly idiotic the financial reporter who covered this is, I'm starting the video midway through so you can see their brilliant explanation of how it works.

Well there ya go: I thought it was a pile of garbage too, but did you see that? He dunked the sponge in the red water! Now I'm convinced!

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