Suze Orman dishes on her favorite dish at Walletpop, at the Gracie Awards


Last night, the 34th annual Gracie Awards honored television programming for women, by women. And guess who was there...Suze Orman! And she had a thing or two to say about our Zac Bissonnette. But first, Walletpop got event highlights from style expert, Jess Zaino, who covered the red carpet and ended up crammed in an elevator with some big names in television.

Here are Jess's highlights:

  • I cannot be more obsessed with the careers of women in media who do something so special that it makes a far-reaching, long-lasting pop culture impact. Rachel Ray took a supermarket demo counter and turned it into a media empire. Amy Poehler and her sassafras comedy impersonations, landed her a prime time show and hilarious movie roles. Gayle King has worked her way through television host to award winning radio host (with the help of a very good friend). Well, last night at the 34th Annual Gracie Awards, which honors women in television and film, I had the surreal opportunity of being in an elevator with all of them.