No jobs? No internships? Backpack through Europe!


Schools out, you've stowed away your cap and gown and have spent the last months looking for a job, an internship or anything to validate the last four years worth of high-priced education, but the market is as bare as the walls of your old dorm room. With the novelty of meals prepared by mom wearing off and a tough job market all but guaranteed for the rest of 2009, now might be the best time to take the oft talked about time off to backpack through Europe.

While it may seem irresponsible to leave the country in the middle of your job hunt to backpack your way through Europe, it beats crashing on your parent's couch and may not cost as much as you think. With numerous deals on travel, a favorable exchange rate and an incredible guide for budget spring break travel in Europe put together by Gadling it may actually be the best time to go.

Grant Martin, editor of, shared his optimism for deals to be had for anyone looking for a European getaway; "Transit wise, we're seeing a few more airfare deals to the EU, largely because demand has tapered off a fair amount and airlines are scrounging around to fill planes. So chances are that you're going to get a better deal on flights and everyday expenses while you're there." The price discount is evident on many flights, so long as you can be flexible. I was able to find a round trip ticket from St. Louis to Madrid for $490 including taxes and fees; a drop of $500 from Gadling's The Basics of Backpacking Through Europe Guide which was written in early 2008.