Enough to make you puke: Ryanair considers charging for barf bags


Michael O'Leary, the doofus head of ultra-cheap Irish airline Ryanair, is at it again.

He's trying to whip up cheap publicity by making light of his airline's dreadful penchant for microcharging its customers to death. On a TV show in Britain, he said, perhaps in jest, he was considering charging customers for barf bags. "Remind me not to be nauseous on one of your flights," the host quipped.

You may recall a few months ago when O'Leary drew bad blood in the press by saying he was trying to figure out a way to fit a coin slot on the toilet door of all his airlines so that his passengers would have to pay to pee.

Following the resulting uproar, anger, and voodoo doll poking, he claimed he was only trying to get some cheap publicity, but the damage was done. His airline, Ryanair, now stood as a symbol for everything that's wrong in a corporate world gone crazy for petty fees.

He didn't learn his lesson, and now he's doing it again. Apparently, he thinks it's hysterical that his customers have to shoulder all his extra fees.