Your bad attitude at work can sap productivity


Too many employees dislike their jobs and view them as "have to" instead of "get to," according to Roxanne Emmerich in her new book, Thank God It's Monday: How to Create a Workplace You and Your Customers Love.This creates a negative culture of excuses, whining, gossiping and complaining with little focus on making the customer successful. And now, with all the layoffs, it seems those "left behind" are stressed and so fearful with twice the work and half the friends, they have lost their ability to get results.

According to Emmerich:

  • More than 91% of people spend a large portion of their day frustrated by their co-worker's dysfunctional behaviors, and regularly think about quitting their jobs.

  • Managers waste 37% or more of their day dealing with dysfunctional and unproductive behavior.

  • More than two thirds of the workplace is considered to be "disengaged" according to polls by Gallup.

  • One dollar out of every three payroll dollars is lost due to disengaged employees.