Brides, grooms prepare for financial troubles


June weddings may be different this year as families deal with the financial mess around us. Newlyweds are going to find it harder not only to fund these weddings but also to finance their long range goals.

You'll probably find that the new credit card regulations and the reaction by credit card issuers to these regulations could have a long-term impact on your plans -- if they involve borrowing money or using credit cards.

"This is a difficult financial time where easy credit is no longer available to everyone. It is now more difficult to get loans for homes and credit cards. Your credit scores, history, even spending activities are now closely watched and you will have to prove to credit issuers that you are not a risk for defaulting on a loan. The sooner you start planning for this, the more prepared you will be. Your engagement period is a good time to start building a financial plan," says Bill Hardekopf, CEO of and author of The Credit Card Guidebook.

You might not like to think about this but your fiance will not only be your life partner but also your "business" or financial partner. Your credit, good name and financial future will be tied to this person. Be certain to have a long, hard talk about financial goals and be sure you share the same beliefs about money. When you start asking questions you may find you don't have the same spending and saving habits.