Boob job: Branding women with logos is the new advertising mode


A Web site that sells "virtual currency" for multi-player online games such as World of Warcraft and Warhammer will pay a female porn star $500,000 to tattoo its company logo and URL on her chest.

Anna Morgan, who's 19 and from Zeya, Russia, is contractually required to keep the ad on her skin for at least two years. She says she has natural DD breasts, which the company announced "will provide an ample space for the advertisement."

Added a Web site rep in a press release, "A female porn star can easily appear in 50-100 films per year so this gives a lot of exposure for years to come."

Yuk yuk.

And yuck! The Santa Monica-based Web site, which sells intangible stuff in the ultimate disconnect between commerce and reality, knows that this is outside the boundaries of respectability, otherwise it wouldn't have done it as a stunt. But whereas the joystick jockeys that came up with this idea probably think they're being avant garde, I can only see it as distressingly inhuman.