So long, Joe Sixpack: beer's going upscale at $1 a sip

Just the other day, I found myself stopped short in the beer aisle at the local Trader Joe's, mouth agape and thrown into an existential crisis over the cost of beer: up to $8 for a single bottle of Belgian brew and six pack's running into the double digits.

Reuters has come up with an Australian beer that actually has a price tag of $20 a bottle for a vintage stout. Victoria Bitter is brewed in a limited quantity once a year and has a high alcohol content, which makes it more akin to wine than traditional beer brews. And it works out to $1 a swig.

The kicker: This is only Australia's third most expensive local beer!

When did beer stop being the beverage of choice for the average Joe?

When it got to be the beverage of the rich, seems to be the answer. According to Reuters, beer is the new wine, complete with International pedigrees, complex aging processes, and high prices.

Sure, we can always buy the good old American standbys. Miller, Budweiser, Old Style are still pretty reasonable and Pabst Blue Ribbon is sometimes called the Ramen noodle of beer. It's cheap and gets the job done on a college student's budget. But good beer is getting harder to afford.

Kinda like everything else.And just a side note, this price tag hardly makes this beer the most expensive in the world. That honor would need a price tag of more than a couple hundred dollars. You can see a good list of them here.
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