'Project Runway' makes a hot mess of a trade


Klum-maniacs and Gunn-lovers, take heart -- you'll soon be reunited with "Project Runway." The original fashion reality show is finally out of court and will soon be back on the small screen. The new season bows Aug. 20.

Entertainment Weekly's luscious preview of season six included some news on the show's longtime sponsors Bluefly and TRESemme: they both got the Auf Wiedersehen treatment.

The TRESemme development is hardly a bombshell -- the haircare line is now the lead sponsor of 'The Fashion Show,' the design competition cooked up by Bravo in an effort to hoodwink satisfy fans missing their 'Runway' fix. So TRESemme simply stayed with the network they'd been working with all along -- and hopefully negotiated themselves a new discount deal, since 'Fashion,' helmed by Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child, exhibits less chemistry and moxie than 'Runway' has in its manicured pinky finger.

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