How I Twittered my way to a summer internship


Teenagers and college students have the time to become acclimated with their chosen field, and because of this, the search for summer internships is on the rise.

However, students are faced with low availability or the other alternative – the unpaid internship. At this point the decision between summer income and gaining experience is crucial. Most students would choose to have summer income to cover the rising expenses of school, travel, leisure or even family support.

Investing their summer time to gain experience and build up a strong resume to enter the labor market is seen as the wise choice. Wouldn't it be great to combine both decisions? The paid internship is every student's dream. However, once again, the availability is low.

Fortunately, students have the advantage of Web 2.0 to aid them in their summer job search. Specifically, the launch of Twitter allows employers to enter a job post, and students to reply; all done within 140 characters or lest. It's a micro job search that will revolutionize the labor market. This is how I did it: