Even garage sales have the dot-com thing going for them


When I was a kid in the 1970s, my younger brother and I used to travel across the countryside with my grandmother, an aunt and an uncle, looking for yard sales. I don't think they bought much, and I'm very sure they were never looking for anything in particular. It was just a way to pass time.

Flash forward to the 21st century, and naturally, the yard sale has evolved a little. The items being sold are a little more modern, and of course, there are Web sites to help you in your selling.

A few that I've learned about in recent weeks:

Tag Sell It aims to help people who live in pretty desolate areas, where they aren't likely to get a lot of customers. They also target companies that want to sell parts of their inventory but aren't set up to do it through a storefront. In other words, you can sell all of your wares, junk or, um, unneeded treasures through Tag Sell It. They charge a small listing fee, but there are no commissions. I'm not a garage sale connoisseur the way WalletPop writer Zac Bissonnette is (he wrote twice about yard sales last month, here and here, both fun reads), but it seems like a pretty neat site to me. And if you are holding your own tag sell at your place, they allow you to list it here for free.