Weekend Getaways for Budget Travel

Quick weekend getaways are one of the best trips to plan and take. Gone are the hassles of making major plans and arrangements plus it's easier on your wallet. Just take a look at what areas are a short drive away; pack up the vehicle or your weekend duffle bag and enjoy a little time away from the everyday stress and routine. There are many types of weekend getaways to enjoy. There's everything from romantic, adventurous, beach or family friendly. It's amazing how a quick and short weekend getaway can really change your mood and get you back into your groove.

Below we present you with a wide range of destinations for great weekend getaways along each coast, and even some places in between and up north. So, if you've been dying to visit a beautiful Napa Valley vineyard and enjoy delicious vino or want to escape to a romantic little bed-and-breakfast or inn to rekindle the flame with your loved one, one of these destinations is sure to fit that bill. Make sure to check out the deals and hotels available for that destination to make sure you maximize your savings and keep the thrills limited to your vacation and not your bank account.

These destinations should not be too far of a drive from many metropolitan areas across the U.S. and if you can swing a cheap airline ticket, even better because you can easily find low rates on accommodations in each area. So whether you're flying or driving or taking the train, be sure to take a weekend jaunt to one of these great weekend getaway destinations.

Top Weekend Getaways Along The East Coast:

Asheville, NC

Why do so many folks that visit the Asheville area on vacation end up moving here? Answer: Once they visit, they love it so much they either stay, or make plans to move to the area in the future. A truly eclectic, comfy, and beautiful mountain city, Asheville is so inviting, you'll want to make it your home town! For those who love the outdoors, this area beckons your soul to explore Mother Nature and all her beauty. Whether you spend the day hiking on the Appalachian Trail or along the Blue Ridge Parkway, you will not be at a loss for magnificent views and crisp mountain air. But there are more than just mountains to discover in this breathtaking haven.

Charleston, SC

Charleston is one of the most popular southern destinations in the country. The districts of the city contain a wide variety of interesting locations and historical landmarks. While in Charleston you can expect to find a rich combination of hospitality and charm resonant of the "Old South." Whether it is the historic houses, churches, or attractions of the Downtown and Historic Districts, the fine cuisine found in the Mount Pleasant District, or any of the alluring landmarks found in this city, expect to be entranced by the romanticism of this southern gem.

New York, NY

New York City is a glorious study in equally dazzling extremes. An infamous skyline, world-class nightlife and round the clock entertainment are what put New York at the top of everyone's list of must-see travel destinations. New York City serves as a major epicenter of global financial activity, culture, fashion and entertainment. If you are planning a trip to this popular location, start exploring your vacation options now in order to enjoy everything that New York has to offer. The vast amount of New York choices begins with the airports, as there are plenty of flights to New York into both LaGuardia and JFK International Airports.

Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod is shaped roughly like the arm of someone flexing a bicep. It is divided into four regions from west to east or from the "shoulder" to the "hand": the Upper Cape, the Mid Cape, the Lower Cape and the Outer Cape. Each region is made up of towns and most towns include several villages.

Top Weekend Getaways Along The West Coast:

Napa Valley, CA

Napa Valley is among the premier wine growing regions of the world. An estimated five million tourists pass through each year, visiting wineries, dining at luxurious restaurants, and sampling Napa's relaxed lifestyle. The Napa Valley area is broken into three main areas. The city of Napa is largest in the county, yet it's possibly the community least connected to the vinicultural image the world has of the Napa Valley. Yountville is far closer to the popular Falcon Crest image of Napa Valley, retaining as it does the quaint charm of a small, country town. Oakville is considered the heart of Napa Valley wine production.

San Jose, CA

Given the number of towns and communities annexed by San Jose in the 1950s, to say nothing of the many neighboring cities considered part of the San Jose metropolitan area (and not even considering the larger sphere of Silicon Valley), exact definitions of the city's neighborhoods are almost impossible. San Jose residents will argue amongst themselves about where one community ends and another begins. What can be said with certainty is that the whole metropolis is a fascinating, dynamic and almost infinitely varied mosaic.

Carmel, CA

Famed as the site of the Pebble Beach Country Club and Resort and Spyglass Hill golf courses, and home to the yearly AT&T Celebrity Golf Tournament (where huge crowds await Bill Murray's schtick), Pebble Beach has what may be one of the finest stretches of coast on the Monterey Peninsula. Craggy shorelines, crashing surf and cypress groves mark the spot where Portola landed in 1769 on his first fruitless expedition to find Monterey. Pebble Beach has long been the enclave of the very top tier of country club society.

More Top Weekend Getaways Across The U.S. and Canada:

Santa Fe, NM

Despite its rich and sometimes turbulent past, Santa Fe was slow to grow. Until 20 years ago, it was not a major city by any standard. Since then, the population has grown from around 40,000 to over 60,000. Zoning laws from the 1950s, written by visionary civic leaders, helped the growing city retain the enchanting charm that makes it one of the most fascinating in the country.

Austin, TX

Austin is a place where business professionals, artists, musicians, filmmakers and students all bring their passions to life. Even with its population growing rapidly, this city continues to welcome new residents with open arms. Over the past few years, several national magazines have touted Austin as a top place to live.

Edmonton, Canada

In 1795, the Hudson's Bay Company established Fort Edmonton, a trading post where the Cree and the Blackfoot brought their much-coveted furs for barter. Over the course of some 200 years, Edmonton has evolved from this desolate outpost into a proud provincial capital. Thanks to the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 1800s, the building of the Alaska Highway in the 1940s, and the discovery, also in the 1940s, of phenomenal amounts of crude oil within a 40-kilometer (25-mile) radius of the city, it has earned a status as a transportation hub, supply center and industrial capital. But, beneath this business façade, there is much more to this small city, dubbed the "Gateway to the North."
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