Sarah's Smash Shack -- the home of destruction therapy

I've long dreamed of buying multiple square blocks of abandoned inner city, a wrecking ball, and opening a theme park for guys; Destructoworld. In the meantime, I'm penciling in a trip to San Diego to visit the latest innovation in stress relief, Sarah's Smash Shack.

Entrepreneurs Sarah Lavely and Ed King opened the Shack after Sarah, during a particularly low point in her life, found herself wishing she could just break something. With that simple thought, a business was born, one sure to spread like wildfire across the country. If we ever needed such a release, now is the time.

Visitors to the Smash Shack can order their experience off the menu. Some menu choices:

  • 10 plates, $35
  • 3 glasses, $12
  • 10 shot glasses, $12

You can also bring your own materials to smash for a 'corkage' fee -- 10 or fewer for $20, $40 for 20 or more plus and extra $10 if another person shares the experience with you. For $10, the Shack employees will box up the wreckage so you can take it home.

Smashers are dressed in protective suits, gloves and masks. A satisfyingly hard metal wall in each "break room" provides the payoff for each fling. The company has even created a mobile room that they can take to events.

I'm already making a list of thing to smash, including Yankees memorabilia, the toilet that runs constantly, and a glass with a GM logo. What would you take with you to the Shack?

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