Paycheck to paycheck like us: Quicken Online makes tracking money even easier


In a crowded market of online budgeting applications, it's hard for a product to stand out, especially when the competition contains heavyweights like Wesabe, Mint and Rudder. But that's what Quicken Online does. Quicken separates itself from its competitors in two important areas; ease of use and a clear focus on those of us living paycheck to paycheck.

For new users, the ease of use is quickly apparent when it comes to linking your bank account with Quicken Online. While account linking is a standard feature of online budgeting tools, those who of us who bank at smaller institutions and credit unions have had to manually download account activity and then upload it in order to keep accounts up to date. Quicken has made it easier than ever to update your info. By working some magic on the back-end, it's able to link up to my credit union's online bank account with only a "captcha" to stand in the way; a great improvement from the upload practices at other budget tools.