'Morning Joe,' now brought to you by Starbucks


Sports fans have become inured to the productification of everything, from the Mcdonald's (MCD) "I'm Lovin' It" play-of-the-day to the baseball crotch adjustments brought to you by Lamisil (joke). Now fans of the morning talk show on MSNBC, Morning Joe, can expect the same treatment during their morning newsertainment fix: Starbucks (SBUX) has become the sponsor of host Joe Scarborough's morning cup of coffee.

According to The New York Times (NYT), Starbucks bought the naming sponsor rights to the show, a natural since the host has been drinking a Starbucks brew on camera since the show began. Starbucks references will be included in the show's logo, and a voice-over will announce that the show is "brewed by Starbucks." Morning Joe might also occasionally broadcast from Starbucks stores. The show reportedly is getting in excess of $10 million for the naming rights.