Fact-checker's Day Off: Typo in Regis & Kelly's quiz question costs contestant her prize


Each morning, Live with Regis & Kelly gets a viewer on the phone and asks a trivia question about a previous show. Monday's question, posed to Natalia Gardner from Provo, Utah, was: "What 1996 film did we say featured a Chicago house that is currently up for sale?"

Based on that clue, Gardner hemmed and hawed. "Chicago, 1996?" she said, before coming up dry. The answer she was expected to give was Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The house where Ferris' best pal Cameron lived, the one where the red Ferrari goes crashing through the glass garage into a ravine, is for sale in Highland Park for $2.3 million.

After Gardner gave up, Ripa turned off-camera and told the show's producers, "I don't believe... How could that be 1996?" she asked "It seems like it would have to be 1986." Gardner said she thought so, too.

That's because it was.