Congratulations! You bought a congressman a Lexus!


While you're cutting back on every expense to find a way to save for retirement, pay for your children's education, and put food on the table, you'll be happy to know that some people are still living large: United States congressmen are livin' it up on the expense account.

The Wall Street Journal
(subscription required) dug through the volumes of expenses charged to the taxpayer-funded accounts of United States congressman. A couple of highlights:

  • Florida Rep. Alcee Hastings spent $24,730 in taxpayer money last year to lease a 2008 luxury Lexus. Let this loser know what you think of his unpatriotic robbery of the American people by emailing him here. He says he doesn't want to receive email from people who are outside of his district, so I suggest calling his offices at (954) 733-2800, (202) 225-1313, (561) 881-9618 -- and emailing your friends and suggesting that they do the same.