Go wild: lower your grocery bill with a weed garden


Chances are if you have a garden, or anything growing in your yard, then you probably have weeds growing too.

Instead of going to all the hard work of pulling, cutting back or spraying them with weed killer, take the easy way out and turn it into a weed garden that you can easily harvest and eat. Hey, it's a growing trend, you know, as WalletPop has reported recently.

According to a Planet Green Web site story, weed gardens don't take much work -- which is enough to attract most gardeners -- and the weeds will kill the other plants that get into their territory. Even if you forget about watering and other chores, the pesky weeds will survive.

Cooking with weeds may not sound appetizing, but You Grow Girl has a list of favorite garden weeds to eat, and some have qualities you may never have known about.

The leaves of a dandelion, for example, can be eaten raw or cooked and is especially tasty in the fall. The roots can be harvested anytime and pickled in apple cider vinegar. And dandelion flower wine sounds interesting.