Jon and Kate in trouble with the law?


Until recently, Jon and Kate Gosselin were this decade's answer to "The Brady Bunch." Now, they are considered more like the "Addams Family," The Bundys from "Married with Children" or The Osbournes.

America's least favorite married couple, and stars of TLC's hit program "Jon and Kate Plus 8: now face accusations that they violated child labor laws in their home state of Pennsylvania.

"We're not saying that there was or was not a violation, just that we're conducting an investigation," a spokesman told, which broke the story.

Whether or not some disgruntled viewer or angry family member turned in the Gosselins remains unclear. Government agencies are required to act on complaints brought to their attention. What government can not do is fine the Gosselins for lacking common sense.

Family members are quoted in the celebrity magazine as saying the children hate having the cameras around. I can't say I blame them. But exploiting their 8-year-old twins and five-year-old sextuplets on basic cable is lucrative for Jon and Kate who earn as much as $75,000 per episode.

America can't enough of this dysfunctional clan. Almost 10 million viewers tuned into the recent season premiere curious about whether the program would address Jon's reported infidelity with a college student and Kate's with her bodyguard. It's like watching a train wreck.

If the Gosselins split up, they better save their money to pay for the therapy they and their kids will need once America grows tired of their antics, which by my calculations will take about a year.