Follow Friday: So which Twitter mom is going to land on Oprah first?


It's fortuitous timing for the growing contingent of influential moms and bargain hunters on Twitter that a new list of the best deal seekers on Twitter should come out the same day one of the ranks was on the Tyra Banks show talking about how to score freebies.

Heather Hernandez (@freebies4mom) made it all the way to the big stage of nationally syndicated daytime talk shows today for Tyra's freebie special. She's #5 on a new list of the Top 30 Deal Hunters to follow on the web, which was put together by

Our own @DealSeekingMom and @eringifford came in at #1 and #7, respectively, and we're very proud of them. The rest of the list is also extremely useful. I was already following the bulk of the list, but found a few new friends. This is my favorite kind of follow Friday, where a site ticks through the best people to follow in a particular category. For people just getting started on Twitter, or for those who need to refresh their follow lists, they make great starting points.

So here's my question...which one of these wonderful bloggers is going to score the big hit next and get on Oprah for a freebie or deal segment? @CouponMom (who didn't even make the list, as did not the deserving @bargainbriana) was on as one of the Thriftiest Families in America in October 2008, but that seems a while back now. What do you think? Chime in below.

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