If you owe the IRS money, do not offer the agent pizza


Today's tax tip is simple: If you owe the IRS money and an agent comes knocking at your door, there are a number of ways to handle the matter. Offering the agent free pizza and cash in exchange for reducing your tax liability? Probably not the best approach.

Ramesh G. Khilnani, 51, a Houston-area resident and a native of India, offered an IRS agent free pizza and "work" after he was told he owed $49,000 in back taxes for the years 2004-2007 as the result of an audit.

WebCPA reports that after the auditor reported the incident to her supervisor, "Agents from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration arranged for the recording of subsequent meetings – via telephone and in person -- between the agent and Khilnani. During the course of these contacts, Khilnani offered the agent $2,500 and delivered $2,000 in exchange for having his tax liability reduced from $49,000 to around $500. In addition to financial compensation, Khilnani repeatedly offered the agent pizza from his restaurant as part of the deal."

Khilnani pled guilty to bribery charges and was sentenced to two years in federal prison and could face deportation once he is released.

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