Real estate agents sue CSI

Imagine you're relaxing at home watching a CSI episode about an S&M-loving pair of married real estate agents involved in fraud and possibly murder.

Then you realize that the CSI real estate agents have the same name as you -- Scott and Melinda Tamkin. Then you're watching the credits and realize that the co-writer of the show happens to be the same person who looked at houses with you a few years ago, but didn't end up buying because a deal collapsed while it was in escrow.

I smell a lawsuit and so did the real Scott and Melinda Tamkin, who are suing the writer for harming their business "by creating from whole cloth characters engaged in a reckless lifestyle of sexual bondage, pornography, drunkenness, marital discord, depression, financial straits and possibly even murder," according to a Los Angeles Times story.

With so much of real estate online these days, having prospective clients Google you to find a CSI episode like that doesn't help. Mr. and Mrs. Tamkin are seeking $6 million in damages for defamation and invasion of privacy, and rightfully so. Co-defendants include CBS, production company Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Goldman Sachs Capital, which was a partner in the production.

It'll be hard for the defendants to argue that the Tamkin's weren't harmed by this episode, even if $6 million seems like a lot in damages. I'd expect a relatively quick settlement.
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