Madoff victims sell prized possessions at auction


The Today Show reports on a Miami auction with a large inventory of Madoff-victim trinkets: $10,000 elephants, $20,000 tusks, Chagall's, a Picasso, silverware, engagement rings, a $500,000 necklace, religious heirlooms, etc. One observer describes it "absolutely horrible," but I'm not so sure.

Bernie Madoff is an evil, evil guy but in the global scheme of human tragedy, but does the firesale of a $10,000 elephant really qualify? There are real tragedies coming out of the Madoff tragedy but if the Today Show segment was supposed to engender sympathy, it falls woefully short. Leave a comment and let us know: Does watching an heiress unload a $20,000 tusk to make mortgage payments get your tears flowing?

Check out the video below for more.

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