Lou's Clues: Tasty roast beef -- made at home


Chef Louie again, here to save you money! Last week, I mentioned the benefits of buying a roast when it goes on sale at the supermarket, and then cooking and deli-slicing it yourself with your brand new $39 slicer instead of buying store-prepared cold cuts at $8.99 a pound.

This week, I'm providing my favorite roast recipe to make those homemade sammies even tastier! Why? Because I want you to provide the same cheap-and-healthy lunches I gave my kids.

First up, watch for the sale. You can, of course, pay the full price any time and still enjoy a tastier roast beef than you'd find in the packaged section, but you get more bang for your buck when you keep an eye on the sale papers and buy when prices are low. When that top round, bottom round or eye round goes on sale, grab up a few and do it up like this: