Carnival of Money Stories 2: A Roadmap to Money Health

This week's carnival has a lot of great stories and tips in it, from sticking to your dreams after losing your job, eliminating overwhelming credit card debt, to making money in a lending club the smart and safe way. To host an upcoming carnival, check out Carnival of Money Stories' website. I enjoyed checking out these great sites and voices! Happy Memorial Day, everbody!
YourMoneyRelationship got a great travel deal on an all-inclusive exotic trip (a honeymoon) with the help of AAA.
BudgetsAreSexy shares a good tip for having will power to save: write a love letter to the stores you miss shopping in.
SpendingIt explains the three biggest opportunities to save money.
TheDigeratiLife shares a success story of how to pay off credit card debt.
TheSmarterWallet breaks down the YNAB Way--You Need A Budget Way, smart, new saving software.
TheHappyRock is brave enough to put a personal annual budget out there for all to see and give feedback on.
FreeFromBroke shares an anecdotal story of what to do if you find a fraudulent charge on your credit card bill.
AskMrCreditCard interviews Adam of Man vs Debt about eliminating his 80k credit card debt. Wowzer.
MoneyBlueBook does a thorough review of social network peer loans and borrowing. Not to be missed.
MyDollarPlan has an interesting post on the returns of being in a lending club and how not to get greedy with it.
Spend on Life says debit cards are better than spending on credit.
PrimeTimeMoney doesn't want you to think you're obsessing about money, but rather building security and value.
BillEater breaks down what your credit card knows about you and when do they know it.
DebtKid shares three life-changing personal finance and business books.
FireFinance reminds you that job jobs change but dreams don't--you can still achieve financial independence if you're laid-off.
LeaveDebtBehind shows you how to start a budget for your family.
CashMoneyLife puts the breaks on pursuing an MBA and explains why.
FineTunedFinances dishes on starting a health savings account.
AmericanConsumerNews shares a great service for becoming debt-free.
DebtFreeAdventure shares financial philosophies for creating wealth.
Bargaineering breaks down how secured credit cards work.
TheLucrativeInvestor has found some good job markets for grads.
FreeMoneyFinance has a great strategy for reacting to credit card companies become stingy with their bonuses and customer appreciation rewards.
DarwinsFinance shows you how to start an investment club.
BibleMoneyMatters shares a first-hand experience with the Making Home Affordable Refinance Program.
WebCareerGirl outlines important lessons when it comes to making money on the web.
LazyManAndMoney shares an entertaining story on why its important to have an emergency fund.
MoneyHelpforChristians will give you your first step in developing a personalized investing plan.
GoodFinancialCents shares smart money decisions for starting your career. (Every grad should read this!)
EnemyofDebt explains why knowing what to do about debt, sometimes, isn't enough.
FunnyAboutMoney breaks down working a manual labor job, like painting.
PassiveFamilyIncome discusses business ideas for financial freedom.
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