Pet cat on Twitter has more than 500,000 followers

Proving you don't have to be a celebrity to get half-a-million Twitter followers, Sockington the cat has more than 545,000 wanting to know what's new.

It's not just people who want to hear about his latest adventures. Many of Sockington's followers are animals themselves.

This fame didn't happen overnight for the cat known as Socks, according to the Associated Press. Socks' owner, Jason Scott, 38, has been sending tweets on behalf of his pet since late 2007.

Scott has created a character by posting Socks' musings, such as, "sorry I've been sleeping all the time."

"He's like the 21st century Garfield." Scott told the AP. And like Garfield, if Socks is the inspiration for a movie, all the better for Socks & Scott, who live in Waltham, Mass. In the meantime, Scott is selling Sockington T-shirts to help buy more cat food.

The notoriety on Twitter has been building as Scott has sent out more than 5,000 tweets. Yes, Socks does have a Facebook page with 1,200 fans, according to the Sockington website. And, no, the cat doesn't type. Scott does the typing.

"People surprise us," Scott wrote on his Sockington Web site. "Unpredictable apes, they are. What I thought would be a little blip has turned out to be a long catcall, and Socks' story is showing up in all sorts of places."

As Ashton Kutcher closes in on two million followers and Oprah and Shaq move past one million, Socks is still working on his first million. But watch out Jimmy Fallon and your growing Twitter army, Socks has more than doubled his following in less than two months.

He's sure to get there with quips such as, "traffic is all jammed up in the kitchen-dining room interchange. Taking a detour through laundry room bypass."

Anthony Massucci is a senior writer for DailyFinance. You may follow him on Twitter at hianthony.
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