A contest that your dad hopes you enter

There's a new contest out there for fathers across America, sponsored by Great American Cookies. They know what they're doing, because I have a feeling every dad around will want their kids to enter.

Anyone who writes up a 200-word essay on why their father is a great American dad is entered in a contest in which the grand prize winner receives a 52-inch flat-panel LCD HDTV, Blu-ray disc player and home theater system.

The first runner up gets the aforementioned TV, but without the other gadgetry.

The five runner ups after that -- a $50 gift certificate to Great American Cookies.

It launched May 13 and runs July 31, so, alas, you can't win a really amazing Father's Day gift, but speaking for fathers everywhere, I assure you, your dad will be thrilled if you win, no matter what time of year. If you're interested in entering, simply click here. And if you want to see what your competition looks like, just click here, where you can read some of the submissions.

I'm a devoted dad and spend a lot of time with my daughters and thought I might have a shot at winning until I read some of these. I mean, how can I possibly compete?

Some sample excerpts (which aren't edited):

My dad was in a bad wreck 9 years ago and wasn't expected to live. We prayed and prayed and my dad fought to stay with us. I know his scars bother him but not us. We love him so much and are so greatful that he fought his hardest to stay with us. He can now walk and run with us again...

My father is a Great American Dad because he saves stray dogs, rehabilitates them and helps them find good homes all over America...

What makes him the most awesome person is right now he would love to be at home with us but instead is helping the Iraqi soldiers and the Iraqi people...

Maybe if my daughters enter, I can win one of the cookies...
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