Recession isn't enough to slow divorces

Divorce appears to be one business that is recession proof according to statistics released by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Though Wisconsin has one of the lowest divorce rates in the country, there were 16,458 divorces in Wisconsin in 2007. Milwaukee County, which has Wisconsin's largest population, granted 2,565 divorces in 2207 and 2,584 in 2008. Divorce filings haven't gone down in Milwaukee County in 2009 either, with filings constant through the first two months of the year.

This is too bad, as I have long held the position that at least half of the marriages that go belly up could be saved with a little work. And divorce isn't cheap. I don't mean the legal proceedings, though they can cost a bundle especially if children are involved.

I'm talking about when the dust settles and both partners start rebuilding their lives. Women are especially at a disadvantaged as they often experience a drop in their lifestyle. In spite of "equality" in the workplace, women still earn less money than men.Maybe the financial hardship would be worth it if folks were happier after divorce. But unfortunately, divorce does not seem to make adults happy. According to research on happiness and divorce by Linda Waite, two-thirds of unhappy spouses who stayed with their marriage instead of divorcing were happy five years later. Of those unhappy spouses who did leave the marriage, only half were happy after five years.

Like riding out the stock market, there is something to be said for riding out the rough spots of a marriage. It will save you money and you may end up happier.

Barbara Bartlein is the author of Why Did I Marry You Anyway? Overcoming the myths that hinder a happy marriage. How is the health of your relationship? Check out at Marriage Tips.

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