Another reason to twit? United Airlines offering cheap flights to followers


If you become a follower on United Airlines' Twitter page, you may wind up getting access to cheaper airfare than the non-Twittering public.

That's the report from the social media web site, Mashable.

It notes that on Wednesday, United Airlines put out its first "tware," which is some combination of Twitter and fare. The offer, which has since expired, was for a $63 one-way ticket between Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

When I last checked, they were under 10,000 followers, and if you want to register with United Airlines, the first 10,000 followers apparently get some sort of bonus.

And, of course, this is nice and all, but I can't help but think United Airlines would make a lot of its followers happier if it spent less time on Twitter and more time making the seats more spacious, working on improving the quality of its airline food or perhaps putting a halt on its plan to charge more for taking luggage onto the plane.