Save money with a Mobile Makeover from T-Mobile

mobile makover graphic
mobile makover graphic

In a move similar to how car insurance carriers offer price comparison service for potential customers, T-Mobile has teamed up with BillShrink to give your cell phone bill a makeover.

If you watched the American Idol Finale last night you may have caught Catherine Zeta Jones offering to help a wireless customer find the best cell phone plan using BillShrink, after Ivy League-educated economists fail. With an estimated 8 out of 10 cell phone users overpaying for service, the mobile phone makeovers are well worth the few minutes it takes to check the cost of your monthly bill. While this is a T-Mobile promotion, anyone, on any carrier, can get a Mobile Makeover with BillShrink.

This is a pretty bold move by T-Mobile, given the varied pricing and nature of an industry that has given birth to the mocking commercials of Alltel and the braggadocio of Verizon's "It's the Network" pitches. To my recollection, this is the first time a carrier has told customers to go to an independent third party and find out who can offer you the best deal. There will even be kiosks available in T-Mobile stores to assist customers in checking their price.

After exploring BillShrink, I can confidently say that even with this promotion, it doesn't recommend T-Mobile or any other carrier ahead of the one that suits you best. It keeps the comparisons clean and makes it easy to see what you would save on by switching plans or carriers; or in my case, congratulating me for choosing the best plan for my usage and location.