Re-animator: Circuit City rises from the dead as a


It's been a rough week for Best Buy. The Minneapolis-based chain has barely gotten rival Circuit City out of its hair - thanks to a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and subsequent liquidation -- when word comes that Wal-Mart is angling for a piece of the electronic giant's flat-screen pie. Now, Best Buy also has to worry that its chief rival could be back, albeit as a web-only enterprise, the preferred form of zombie retail brands everywhere.

A new Circuit City website has popped up and is making the rounds of tech blogs. There's a healthy amount of skepticism as to whether or not new owner Systemax will actually pull off this resurrection. The site itself is sparse on details, promising shipping starting at $1.99 and a grand reveal "in a few days" (their words, not ours.)

For what it's worth, Systemax is experienced at this sort of thing; the company picked up the CompUSA brand name, online operations and a handful of stores at the Chapter 11 yard sale CompUSA's "restructuring specialist" held back in early 2008.