Go on take the money and run: bank error in your favor


We all make mistakes and banks are no different, except that when you and I misplace millions of dollars it's harder for us to get it back.

This time around, the Westpac Bank in New Zealand is having just as hard a time recovering 10 million New Zealand dollars ($6 million U.S.) after it mistakenly credited an account 1,000 times what it should have. The account owners, a man and his girlfriend, seizing the opportunity to become millionaires, withdrew a large sum of money and are now believed to be on the run with millions in tow.

The gas station which the couple formerly operated has been left unattended and many members of their family are reportedly missing as well. According to TVNZ, the couple escaped with $6 million NZ Dollars ($3.6 million U.S.) and Interpol was recently searching for them in China.