Breaking up eaiser to do with divorce-related web sites

There's a trend right now, say some newspapers: Divorces are becoming less common in a lousy economy.

Why? Who can afford to get divorced? Especially if you both are hardly making enough money to get by, living in a house that you can't sell. It is, as married couples tend to find out, cheaper to live together than apart.

But some people are getting divorced, despite the trend. I just learned that one of my old high school classmates is splitting up with his wife. He shared with me over the weekend that his wife wants to separate, but by Monday of this week, he was already using the d-word.

As it happened, I had just learned about a Web site called A well-respected financial guru specializing in family finances, Dan Danford, was interviewed on a podcast on the Web site, and when his e-mail newsletter came to me -- one of 1,457 weekly e-mail newsletters I appear to have signed up for since I first logged onto the Internet -- I saw this Web site,
It looked interesting, and I filed it away in my mind as a possible, future WalletPop item. Then this friend of mine broke the news, and now I'm writing about it. I have no idea if it's a great site or not, not being in the market for it, unless my wife knows something I don't, but my friend seems to like it. He sent me this e-mail a few hours after I told him about it:

"That website is FANTASTIC... Already finding stuff that I needed answers on. THANKS AGAIN!"

"Hey, my pleasure," I started writing back. "Anytime I can help a marriage dissolve more amicably..."

I deleted that and started over.

Anyway, sad as divorce is, there are a lot of sites to help not just dads, but moms, too, get through what's often the most painful period of a person's life. And so I thought I'd provide a few that appear to provide a lot of comprehensive insight and information: (just what you would think -- aimed at stay-at-home mothers) (run by a licensed family and marriage therapist) (all-encompassing advice for everyone going through divorce)

Of course, while the lousy economy may be making a lot of couples unhappy, not to mention divorce lawyers who have been seeing their case loads drop, it's not been bad for everyone: marriage counselors have reportedly seen their business go way up.
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