Bacon candy, oh yeah.


Is it possible to take the bacon craze too far? Nah.

The Chicago Tribune paid the National Candy Expo a visit and compiled a great list of the oddest, or most compelling new snacks. Trends point to sweet and savory combinations dominating the candy industry. There are Creole pralines with Tabasco sauce and dark coated strands of ginger. But the one singled out for attention? Bacon flavored sunflower seeds.

Sure, those seeds come in other flavors like zesty ranch and buffalo wing, but these mundane flavors pale in comparison to bacon. If sunflower seeds aren't unusual enough, there's always Mo's Bacon Bar. It's not new, but the combination of applewood smoked bacon, alder wood-smoked salt and milk chocolate from Vosges is pretty genius. Paired with a chocolate flying pig and bottle of stout and it's one company's version of all the best snack food trends combined.