The hottest ticket in town this weekend is a state park campsite reservation

If you're thinking of pitching a tent at your nearby state or national park this Memorial Day weekend, you may be too late. State park officials across the country are saying that reservations are booking fast at their campsites this summer, as families opt for cheaper, closer-to-home vacations. Also, campers will be staying at their sites longer.

In past Memorial Day vacations, people reserved just two nights, now more people are staying three nights. The California Department of Parks and Recreation looked at the past three years of Memorial Day weekend campsite reservations and saw a big jump in total nights reserved -- it jumped from 20,705 nights in 2008 to 25, 036 nights so far this year.New York state has had a 7% increase in reservations overall, but some state parks are seeing double-digit increases in reservations and more nights booked. Oregon and Arizona are also reporting filled-up campsites.

Many state parks, like California and Oregon, have 48-hour reservation windows, meaning today is the last day to book a campsite for Friday. There are still first-come, first-served campsites available, but the most popular, the ones with coastal or creekside campsites, go fast and early. Better get there as early as possible Friday to snap these up.

Or save the camping for June. Booking online is easy: ReserveAmerica lets you book a campsite at any state park across the country, and lets you do the same for any Federal campground or recreation site.
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