Review: The Richest Man In Town by W. Randall Jones


Some people dream of getting rich. Instead of dreaming, W. Randall Jones, author of The Richest Man In Town, set out to talk to the richest person in each of the 100 U.S. towns he visited for his study to see what commonalities he could find. From these interviews he found 12 attributes that ran rich within these mostly self-made magnates. Apparently, while God could get by with 10 commandments, the rich need a dozen; thus the subtitle, The Twelve Commandments of Wealth.

Let's get those 12 on the table first (I paraphrase)-

  • Don't seek money for money's sake

  • Find your perfect niche

  • Be your own boss

  • Get addicted to ambition

  • Be early

  • Execute or get executed

  • Fail so you can succeed

  • Location doesn't matter

  • Don't compromise your morals

  • Embrace selling

  • Learn from the best and the worst

  • Never retire

I have the last one nailed.