Former Master of the Universe quietly puts his Park Ave. pad on the market


It's gotta suck being Dick Fuld. First he loses his great gig at Lehman Brothers, running the company into bankruptcy and kick-starting a global economic meltdown. Then he's forced to sell off some of the family art collection at a loss. Now he's quietly putting up his 6,000 square-foot, full-floor Park Avenue apartment on the market.

It's not listed (he hardly needs any more bad press), but brokers in the know figure the asking price is about $32 million. That's $11 million more than he paid for it in 2007. But they also say the place needed about $10 million of work done to make it Fuld-worthy. That may seem like an excessive amount for a remodel (did they tear it down to the studs and start over?), but then this is a man who runs in a circle with highy-refined tastes. Remember John Thain's $35,000 commode? So $32 million is actually a pretty good price. Or at least Fuld thinks so. Some question his skill with pricing.

If you're one of the greatly moneyed set, you might want to quietly snap this beauty up. The place has 16-rooms, five fireplaces, four bedrooms and four rooms for your servants (I know some families who'd love to rent one of these rooms, if you're interested in a little extra income).

But don't pity Dick. He's still got a place to crash. His properties in Connecticut, Florida, Vermont and Idaho are not (yet) on the market.