Friends don't let friends enter John Tesh's rapping contest


Bizarro World, where everything runs backwards, has taken over the NBA, and I somehow missed the boat.

John Tesh, who you wouldn't mistake for hip if he smacked you upside the head with his new-age guitar, is sponsoring a contest that gives away $20,000 in cash to people videotaping themselves rapping, dancing or showing their best basketball moves to his song "Roundball Rock."

As a white guy who can't jump, dance, rap or play basketball for squat, I am amazed that Tesh -- a white guy who can't dance or rap, and who knows about his basketball skills -- is sponsoring such a lame contest with music that grates on your ears after a few plays.

Actually, I don't know if it qualifies as a song since it doesn't have words. It's more of a jingle. It's the theme song for NBC's NBA coverage, so if you've seen a basketball game on TV, you've probably heard Tesh's music. And if you've listened to his new-age music or didn't throw up at his Pat Boone-like tunes, then you must have a strong stomach.

Here's Tesh's video about the contest. See for yourself how embarrassing it is: