offers money back guarantee

The most popular American dream may still be home ownership but in the past year for many individuals, who now own a second home thanks to a troubled housing market, the dream has transformed into selling their own home.

While a simple yard sign from your local hardware store may have done the trick 10 years ago, the Internet is the new home for DIY home selling. The bells and whistles associated with a worthwhile online sales page for your house, while cheaper than an agent's commission, aren't free, which is why has introduced a money back guarantee on its home listing services.

If you list your home on and later decide you would be better off with a full service listing you can use the new referral program to get matched up with a Realtor in your area and get a refund on the money you invested in selling it yourself.

It's important to note that in order to get a refund you must connect with a Realtor through and your home has to sell. But for anyone looking for a low risk way to try out the For Sale By Owner route this is it.

For additional help you can always read's free ebook"The Complete guide To Buying and Selling Your Own Home," which will give you a good idea of what you're getting into before you purchase a listing package.

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