Twitvertising to sell pizza

The coronas of Twitter and commerce have overlapped, and local businesses are glowing with the prospect of new business. Witness the success of the New Orleans pizza shop Naked Pizza. According to Advertising Age, it ran a test Twitter-only promotion on April 23rd, and experienced a 15 percent bump in business for the day.

This could also be viewed as a sign that Twitter is about to jump the shark. A recommendation from a trusted friend is the most powerful form of marketing, and at the moment many of us who Twitter tend to think of other Twits as part of an extended family. Ergo, a special offer via Twitter enjoys the benefit of that bonhomie. Because of this, you should expect a deluge of companies attempting to convince you to follow them so you can receive "special deals." Be suspicious. Be very suspicious.

Many Twitters contain their twitiverse to the same people they hang out with daily, so the service evokes a local feel. Therefore, twitvertising, like Craigslist marketing, will probably work best for businesses in close proximity to the recipients. I'd view tweets from companies within my normal sphere of travel much more favorably than those that attempt to lure me out of my 'hood.

I could wring my virtual hands over the prostitution of yet another social networking site, but I'm a realist. I suspect that shortly after the first two humans met face to face, a third showed up to hand out flyers. A tweet offering me 15 percent off my favorite pizza is a compromise I can live with, especially at the moment. I'm starved.

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